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Topic Categories

Choose topics from the categories presented here (click on a category to view specific topics) or let me tailor a speech, lecture, workshop, or all-day seminar to the genealogical needs of your organization.

(50-60 minutes in length, unless otherwise indicated):


The presentations in this category all involve music and will be presented with at least one acoustic instrument.  (I bring my own sound system if the room and/or size of the group warrants it.) The songs are connected by a narration of the related historical event(s).  In many cases, audience "singalong" will be encouraged, but questions should be held for the appropriate time following the program.  Music and storytelling were ways our ancestors entertained themselves and these presentations provide an easy way for audience members to identify with their forebears.  To read remarks from those who have attended one or more of these presentations, click Presentation Accolades; to read details about the programs and hear a couple of samples in this category, click Details on Songs & Stories of Historical Events.

More programs coming in 2014; click on above link to read about them.


The presentations in this category are enhanced by PowerPoint displays and deal with a variety of topics designed for beginning, intermediate, and advanced researchers (identified accordingly on the page that gives descriptions of the topics).  I have my own projection equipment that I bring along for no extra charge (ask if you also need me to bring a projection screen).  To read comments from folks who have attended one or more of these lectures, click Presentation Accolades; to learn more about the topics, click Details on Instructional Lectures.

New presentations now available and more coming in 2014!


The presentations in this category are designed to be interactive;  audience members are active participants in the topics. Studies have shown that many people get more out of a lesson when they are engaged in the learning process.  To see a list of topics and descriptions in this category, click Details on Participatory Workshops.

(If your group is not inclined to get involved in a discussion or participatory activity, please select an option from another category as these topics all require audience participation and will not be successful without it.)


As 2nd great-grandmother, Irene Freeman Wilcox, OCCGS, Sept. 2007

The presentations in this category are from the "historical drama" genre and involve a narrative that is followed by an explanation (illustrated with overheads, powerpoint, and/or handouts) of the research methods used to verify the events and facts presented in the story.  Storytelling technique is employed and, therefore, all questions should be held for the period following the narration.  To read comments from folks who have attended one or more of these programs, click Presentation Accolades; to view the topics and descriptions of the programs, click Details on Narrative Presentations.

"BANQUET" TALKS & KEYNOTE ADDRESSES (15-40 minutes in length)

The talks in this category are designed for 15- to 40-minute time frames (adjusted according to the needs of the group).  Most of the topics are light-hearted and not designed to be followed by a question/answer period or accompanied by a handout; they may or may not include an audio/visual element.  To read comments from folks who have attended programs where this form of presentation has been featured, click Presentation Accolades; to view the different topics in this category, click Details on "Banquet" Talks & Keynote Addresses.

New presentations now available, including one based on my dissertation research on family stories; click link above to read about them all.

While most of the programs in the categories listed above are ready for presentation, a few are being revised or are under construction; those that are not quite ready are noted as such on the description pages.  To see the lists of topics, click links for the subject categories and see if they are labeled "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" or "UNDER REVISION."  The planned dates of availability are also listed (if known); if you are allowing enough lead-in time for a particular presentation, it probably can be ready for your group, but please contact me before assuming that.
Topics that don't include a red label, as noted above, are ready for presentation with only a very few days or hours of preparation.  Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact me for details on fees, equipment needs, scheduling, etc.

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