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Photo by Pam McComb-Podmostko 2009


Here is what people are saying about the work of Jean Wilcox Hibben:


"Thank you for everything" - David Johnson, Exec. Producer of Genealogy Roadshow (email, October 2013)

"Love the show . . . excellent, engaging work, Jean" - Tom Fraser, Greenstreet Productions (email, October 2013)

"You have done a terrific job on this show (not surprisingly)." - CeCe Moore, DNA Specialist for Genealogy Roadshow (email, October 2013)

". . . the show, GENEALOGY ROADSHOW, is a big hit. Everyone enjoyed the stories that were told and look forward to the next show. I know it will be an American hit." - Michele (September 2013)

"Jean Wilcox Hibben, You rock!" - Deborah, in reference to Genealogy Roadshow, (September 2013)

"Nice job [with Genealogy Roadshow], Jean Wilcox Hibben." - Erica (September 2013)

"Lots of great research went into that [Genealogy Roadshow] story. @circlemending uncovered some great stuff" - Dear Myrtle, via Twitter (September 2013)

"I hope you heard the Michigan applause all the way to California, Jean Wilcox Hibben! You conducted and found some awesome results for these families ;)" - Ceil Wendt Jensen, CG (via Facebook), Michigan researcher for Gorecki story (September 2013)

Facebook post: "Just attended a great premier at the Polish Mission at Orchard Lake, MI of the new Ancestor [Genealogy] Roadshow to start tomorrow evening on PBS. Congrats to all who were involved in the one to air September 30. It is a great new show and [I am] excited to see it get off the ground. Kudoes [sic.] to friends: Kenyatta D. Berry, D. Joshua Taylor, Ceil Wendt Jensen, Kathryn Lake Hogan who were all on camera and to Jean Wilcox Hibben working behind the scenes." - Billie (September 2013)

Regarding the work behind the scenes prior to the final production:

"I love the 'Genealogy Gems' you put at the end of the daily report [submitted to the casting and production personnel as well as the research team]. As often as not, they touch on something I have just beene xperiencing. For example, your one on negative evidence touched on what I did yesterday. Thanks again for all you do!" and
"I loved the explanation you gave as to cemetery research. It covered everything ery nicely. Thanks again for everything. You are doing such a fantastic job!" - Linda (June 2013)



"Thank you . . . so very much! The compliments are still coming in . . . the Stroll was a hit . . ." - Kathleen, Stroll coordinator, October 2013, recognizing those involved in the Corona, CA auto racing of the early 1900s with music about cars/driving/travel

"Thank you both so much for setting the mood for the Stroll. We really appreciate your research, time & talent!" -
Kathleen & Diane, Stroll coordinators, October 2012, honoring people of the Carnegie Library (1905-06) with music of the era

"You guys were  great, thanks for making the Stroll special" - Kathleen, Stroll coordinator, October 2009, honoring Civil War veterans with music of the War of the Rebellion


"Thank you so much for an enjoyable evening. You taught us a lot about history and musical instruments . . . your songs put meat on [our ancestors'] bones and gave them a place in time . . . much more interesting than dates etched in stone. You filled in the dash." - Carolyn, Corona Genealogical Society

"The program was special. THANKS!" - Dorothy, Genealogical Society of Morongo Valley


"We thank you both for the most lovely musical hour at our last meeting of the Napa Valley Genealogical and Biographical Society. You have beautifully blended [your] deep knowledge of folklore with your music and . . . voice to provide a look into one part of our colorful American past . . . The songs and stories and the music from the contemporary instruments as the banjo, guitar and Butch's musical saw not only set our feet to tapping but also moved us emotionally back into the time of the forty-niner Argonauts. It was a grand experience . . . many members and guests expressed their pleasure with your program. We are very appreciative." - Nancy, NVGBS, Jan. 2009

"It was special to have your husband play the saw and the spoons. I heard only positive comments from our members. It was truly great!" - Liz, Questing Heirs, 2006


"Thank you for presenting at our March meeting.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!" - Lisa (South Bay Cities Genealogical Society)

"This was the greatest presentation. Thank you." - Taffy (South Bay Cities Genealogical Society, March 2010)

"Your program for South Bay Cities was terrific." - Connie (SBCGS, March 2010)

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Appalachian culture. I had German and Quaker ancestors who . . . settled in little mountain communities . . . Never made the connection/comparison until I heard your presentation - getting away from authority, a sense of independence & availability of land . . . Thanks for the insights and education you've given me. Actually seeing how the limberjack was used was a pure delight - as well as actually seeing & hearing a psaltry." - Dodie, Las Vegas, NV (St. George Jamboree, 2007)


"Neat program today." - Donna, John Greenlead Whittier Chapter, DAR, November 2011

"Thank you for a wonderful program. The ladies of John Greenleaf Whittier Chapter DAR were delighted, I am sure. The DAR goals are to encourage patriotism, education, and preservation of history. You provided all of that today. Thank you";
and then, via email: "thank you for your interesting program yesterday. Everyone enjoyed the music and several said it was the best program so far! You were excellent and I appreciated the generosity of your time and talents in sharing with John Greenleaf Whittier Chapter DAR." - Shiryl, John Greenleaf Whittier Chapter, DAR, November 2011

"Your songs and the history behind them added so much to our understanding of the time in our heritage. Everyone enjoyed it so much.  I noticed lots of subtle movements to the rhythm of the songs. . . Thank  you again." - Dorothy, Rogue Valley Gen. Soc., January 2009

"The combination of historical context, stories, and songs (with instrumental accompaniment) was both unique and educational. I especially enjoyed hearing the same tune with alternative lyrics, depending on North/South allegiance, or to make the music relevant to the phase of the war . . . We all received a glimpse of the realities of that period in our history." -
Mary, Santa Barbara Genealogical Society, February 2007

"We thoroughly enjoyed [your program], your singing and comments were definitely given a 'period' effect by [your husband's] saw and spoons.  I would like to invite you back next year . . ." - Chris, Orange County California Genealogical Society, September 2006

"Good job! [We] thought your presentation was very well put together - very organized and moved well!" - Cyndi, Orange County California Genealogical Society, September. 2006

"It was a great learning experience for many of us. Your presentation was so useful, entertaining, and really informative . . . It was so refreshing to hear something different and yet so pertinent . . . since music is such an important part of modern life." - Ruth, Genealogical Society of North Orange County (Military Records Seminar, 2006)


". . . it was a wonderful experience and I think others had a good time, too. I hope you drove away feeling as good about the evening as I did." - Cyndy, Chicago, Illlinois, August 2009

"Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you did at DUP {Daughters of the Utah Pioneers]. You and Butch were fabulous; . . . everyone told me so! You guys made it fabulous." - Gena, Yucaipa, CA, April 2008

"I enjoyed the variety of instruments, a good time!" - Michelle, St. George Expo, 2007

"You and [your husband] have the most wonderful program; it is a refreshing and stimulating way to start to understand . . . the people who made the history. I am so pleased you shared your talent with us today. Your audience came away with a better understanding of the Pioneers through the music and stories you shared with us. Obviously you two put a lot of time and effort into this program, for your presentation seemlessly held the story and the history of the March to Zion together in a thoughtful and sensitive way.

"I now have so many images: the carts going across the trail, the frozen body of the husband, the building of the railroad . . . Thank you for providing us with a most delightful and enlightening morning of song and story." - Gary, Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society, February 2006



"It was a pleasure to learn from you about searching the 1940 Census on Saturday at the SOCGS meeting" - Paul, Southern Orange County California Genealogical Society, 19 June 2012

"Excellent presentation today!" – anon., Corona Genealogical Society class,  27 Mar 2012

"Thank you – enjoyed lecture very much." – Laurie, Escondido Family History Fair, 5 Mar 2012

" Jean...enjoyed your presentation at the Glendora Gen Soc Meeting" - Richard, Glendora Genealogy Group, 28 February 2012


Really enjoyed your chat yesterday - you offered some very practical advice . . .  
you gave me something to think about." - Renee, March 2010


"Just finished listening to your "The Two Sides of Interviewing" talk, and I wanted to say thanks. The practical stuff about preparation and equipment was good, but I especially liked the conversational tips like the idea of using visualizations to get the conversation flowing." - Dan, Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree Extension Webinar, 18 January 2012 

"I thoroughly enjoyed your two presentations yesterday at the San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Society. I can be a tough critic . . . You passed with flying colors.
. . . the information on your slide that illustrates your statement, 'Virtually everything that is documented began as oral communication' . . . made your point very effectively." - Dave, October 2011

"Thank you for your informative and witty presentations to our [San Luis Obispo County] genealogical society. In the audience were a mother and daughter who knew my [ancestor]. They were very close to her . . . My friend suggested that I ought to follow your advice and interview them about my Grandma. What a good idea. Thanks again for your presentations." - Sharon, October 2011

"Your presentation today here at Palmia was absolutely a hit!  Everyone loved it!" - Maureen, Palmia Genealogy Club, Mission Viejo, CA, February 2009

"We were lucky to have you speak at our Genealogy meeting last Thursday . . . Your presentation was valuable to us in many ways. Your sense of humor put everyone in a relaxed mood.  Despite the many initials after your name, you are 'one of us.' . . . You gave us many good clues . . . We really enjoyed having you here." - Carole, Palmia Genealogy Club, Mission Viejo, CA, February 2009


". . . thanks for the 'beginner's' class for the rookies in Family History.  I really learned a lot, but most of all feel new motivation." - Vickie, Corona, CA, 2008


"Thank you for speaking at the meeting of the Genealogy Club of Sun City Palm Desert . . . on the topic of 'Civil War Research: Learning about Your Union Veteran Ancestor.' We were all very interested, as evidenced by the fact that no one exited the room while you were speaking." - Sondra, November 2011

“Just wanted to say that I enjoyed watching the video you did this past May on researching your Civil War Union ancestors. I . . . gained some very helpful hints and insights from you- thanks. Keep up the good work!!” – Joseph, Louisville, KY, July 2011

"Thank you so much for your presentation this last weekend. Your input, as always, helps our little group to continue to expand and grow." - Floyd, Yucaipa Valley Genealogical Society, January 2011

"I attended your Civil War workshop . . . in November 2007.  Thank you for that workshop. I have several leads to pursue since attending." - Nancy, Riverside, CA


Illinois State Genealogical Society webinar, 10 July 2012
From Facebook:

"Great webinar . . . I loved the jokes as part of the presentation." - Erica

"It was a fantastic webinar. I love your very personal touch and sense of humor. Very good case study of research in very critical places." - Susan, Oregon

"Thanks, Jean Wilcox Hibben for such a great webinar! People have been asking for methodology-related webinars and this certainly fit the bill . . . I saw one comment that said they were fascinated with the family, even though they had no connection to it." - Julie, Illinois

"This was my first ISGS webinar and the presentation was wonderful . . . Thank you Jean for all the great information." - Nancy, Arizona

"Thank you for a great presentation . . ." - Kelly

"I have no connection to the family or the geographic area, but I was completely fascinated by the entire process! Thanks Jean for making it so interesting!" - Jennifer, Oregon

"Thanks to Jean Wilcox Hibben for a great webinar tonight!" - Thomas, Illinois

"Great webinar! :)" - Beth, New Jersey

"I completely enjoyed your wonderful presentation! Thank you!" - Sonia, Genealogical Society of North Orange County, California, 18 April 2012

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation tonight. Thanks." - Rochelle, Genealogical Society of North Orange County California, 18 April 2012

Utah Genealogical Association webinar, 31 March 2011
From Facebook & Emails:

"Your presentation was wonderful! You did an outstanding job. You were prepared for every contingency . . . Your slides were very entertaining and easy to follow. I learned a lot and enjoyed the journey." Suzanne

"It was helpful to follow your research from place to place. Great job and thank you!" - Judy

"Excellent slides Jean." - Jeri

"It was great. Thanks." - Yvonne

". . . [we] loved your presentation. Also the summary is very helpful. Thank you." - Carol

"Thank you Jean. A great story and very well told. Great job!" - Nancy

"Thanks, Good job." -

"Wonderful presentation, Jean! Thank you!" - Shelley

"This was absolutely fascinating!! Thank you so much!" - Julie

"Great job, Jean! What a great virtual meeting. Jean rocks!" - Gena

"Thanks, Great job Jean. . . Really enjoyed your UGA presentation." - Mark

"Jean Wilcox Hibben, CG taught 'Clue to Clue: Tracking a Family Across Miles.' Jean brought her dynamic and fun filled style to our 8am class!"
- Jeanne from http://www.simplifyat65.com/, California Family History Expo, October 2010

"Thanks once again for a great class today at the Family History Fair.  I really enjoyed your Clue to Clue presentation.  You are a fantastic detective and gave me some good ideas for doing my own research.  You covered this topic so well I think that we were all awe struck by your cleverness and persistence.  That's probably why we had no questions at the end of your presentation.  Thank you for taking your time to share your ideas on research and to show us how it should be done in order to have the success that you have achieved." - Ralph, Escondido Family History Seminar, March 2010

"[I] have to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Tracing a family through time... I'm one of those that is hyper critical of power points and want you to know that yours was superb... Hoping to get the chance to attend another program you present!" - Connie, SCGS Jamboree, June 2009

"I thank you for the wonderful informative and entertaining morning . . . I was truly delighted to be there . . ." - Loree, Palm Desert (Genealogy Club of Sun City), April 2009

"I attended your presentation at Redlands [Family History Center Novemberfest] last Saturday and . . . I thought it was really great!! I've attended many seminars and conferences, but your way of presenting your topic was quite different and held interest." -
Helen, Beaumont, CA

"Thanks for your wonderful presentation . . . I especially appreciated the 'pause and evaluate what I now know' section." - DH, Redlands (Novemberfest)

"Thank you so much for your informative presentation. Your handout was excellent . . . Even better than the handouts were your brainstorming suggestions: creating timelines, checking original counties, and looking for neighbors.  Best of all was your enthusiasm." - Carolyn, Corona Genealogical Society

"Thanks . . . for the presentation today at WAGS. You are terrific!" - Ron, Whittier Area Genealogical Society

"[I] really enjoyed your session and how to really dig . . ." - Jan, Victor Valley Family History Seminar


"I really enjoyed your presentation the other night regarding County Records, thank you for some great tips." - Pam, High Desert Genealogical Society, March 2011

"Thank you! Great presentation" - M., Hemet Family History Seminar, May 2010

"Thanks so much for coming to us with your presentation. I know that we all learned from it and are looking forward to seeing you again soon." - Linda, Sun City Palm Desert Genealogy Club, January 2010

"As always, your presentation at the Corona Library this afternoon was very informative and very useful. . . Thank you for what you do so well and for sharing it with the rest of us." - Sam, Corona Genealogical Society Library class, July 2009

"Your talk was so well liked that three or four people were giving me [the program chair] 'Well Dones'!"- Dave, North San Diego County Genealogical Society, June 2009

"I wanted to again thank you for your presentation last Tuesday.  It was enjoyed by the group. . ." - Tom, North San Diego County Genealogical Society, June 2009

"We really enjoyed your presentation on County Websites today at the Colony Cousins group in Murrieta . . . Thanks, again, for your entertaining and enlightening program!" - Lynn, March 2009

"[The handout for "County Web Sites: an Overlooked Resource"] is . . . a concise, well-written handout and it introduces students to the topic of using county web sites.  I enjoyed your presentation and have gained much genealogical information from county sites." - Corrine, Mesa Family History Expo, November 2008


“The members of the North San Diego County Genealogical Society deeply appreciate and collectively thank you for your excellent presentation on Tuesday, February 8, 2011. We recognize the time and effort that was required of you to make this an educational experience for us . . .” – Pauline, Computer Oriented Genealogy Group, 8 February 2011 

“I enjoyed the topic and from the responses it was well received and a real eye-opener! . . . it taught me a lot about researching -- and I'm sure others will take a closer look at their research because you presented a side of research that too often is ignored.  I do thank you, Jean!" – Bobby, Corona Genealogical Society, February 2011 

“Once again, you hit it out of the park. The title of your talk belied how informative and entertaining it would be. Your examples made things perfectly clear and even tho many of us were already following these methods, I’m sure we will still go back and check our results. You are a great teacher – you had us in the palm of your hand from beginning to end.” – Carolyn, Corona Genealogical Society, February 2011 

“I really liked [it] and learned a lot!” – Colleen, Corona Genealogical Society, February 2011 

“Jean gave example after example and the audience came away with a better understanding of deductive and inductive reasoning and how to use logic in their own research.” – Jerry, Corona Genealogical Society, February 2011 (reprinted from Society newsletter)

"I love that Deduction/Induction talk." - Susi, March 2010

"Thank you for your very interesting and informative presentation on Deduction v. Induction . . . Your lively presentation will stay in the memory for a long time. Thank you." - Sybil, Temecula Valley Genealogical Society, June 2009

"Your presentation . . . was truly clarifying for us aspiring genealogists. The PowerPoint presentation you have developed really helped us focus and finally begin to make that distinction [between deduction and induction]. We are most grateful." - Nancy, Napa Valley Genealogical & Biographical Society, January 2009

posted to
http://www.ourfamilyhistories.com/index6.html/1 blog of Susi Pentico:  "I just came home from attending a great talk by Jean Wilcox Hibben . . . she has a fabulous ability to articulate the information in a[n] easy to understand yet funny and enjoyable method . . . It was a well presented [talk about] bits of information on what is primary and real and what is secondary and maybe, possibly real." - Susi, September 2007

"I . . . very much enjoyed your speech. [Another society member] made the comment to me that he learned the MOST from your speech of any heard in a long time." - Dotte, Palm Springs Genealogical Society, 2007


“Thank you very much for another excellent presentation. With so many good ideas, there was something for everyone. Everyone who commented to me really enjoyed it and learned from it.  I'm always glad when our general meeting speakers inspire and enthuse our members and that's what you do. Working with you is always a pleasure.” – Claudia, Temecula Valley Genealogical Society, 10 April 2012 

“Very informative presentation, as always.” – Steph, Temecula Valley Genealogical Society, 9 April 2012

"Thank you so much. We always love having you speak to our group." - Rosemary, Lake Elsinore Genealogical Society, March 2011


"Thank you so much for your excellent SOCCGS presentation." - L.A., South Orange County California Genealogical Society, August 2011

"Thank you so much for coming to our August meeting and explaining the many, many new features of the FamilySearch site. As you well know, most of us in the audience were confused by all of the new information popping up. We really needed someone to explain how the transformation is being done and how we can efficiently search the site. Your presentation was a real help." - South Orange County California Genealogical Society, August 2011

"Thank you so much for making the 'trek' up to Lucerne Valley to speak to our group. We truly appreciate you - and loved your presentation. . . . Thank you so much!" - Pam, Rootdiggers, August 2011

"Thank you so much for all you do.  I have been reviewing some of the information in familysearch.org on my family . . ." - MMS, Corona Family History Center class, February 2011 (from Facebook)

"Thank you for the beta.familysearch - I shoud have taken the time to learn it earlier as I found  many marriage and death dates that I needed. Thank you!!!!" - Clara, Yucca Valley Family History Seminar, October 2010 (from Facebook)


"I never fail to find another clue to check out when I listen to your programs. Onward to your genealogical greatness!" - Elaine, Corona Genealogical Society, October 2010

"Thank you so very much for the program . . . It was most interesting and you presented it in a way we could all learn about the census.  I hope you will consider coming our way again for another presentation." - Bernadine, Sun Lakes Genealogical Society

"That was a great presentation today. I would like to have you back." - Bud, Sun Lakes Genealogical Society

Your class was great, I love the humor you put into it!  It inspired me . . ." - Diane, Orange Family History Fair, April 2008

"Jean Wilcox Hibben gave a well-received presentation . . . [with] a wonderful PowerPoint that explained the idiosyncracies of  the various census [records] and suggestions for finding your relatives.  A handout with excellent resources was given to those in attendance." - Yucaipa Valley Family Finders, newsletter of the Yucaipa Valley Genealogical Society, April 2008


"She covered this topic very well & personal experiences were appreciated." - Jeanne, St. George Expo, 2007


"I so enjoyed your presentation when you were at the San Luis Obispo County Genealogy Society" - Lorraine, July 2012

"Thank you again for two informative and entertaining presentations---and the song!" – Dave, San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Society, October 2011

"I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar today in San Luis Obispo."  – Greg, October 2011

"Our members really enjoyed your presentations last Saturday." - Cheryl, San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Society, October 2011

"Thank you for the wonderful inf. on German . . . loved the talk." - Dorothy, North San Diego County Genealogical Society, June 2010

"I wasn't going to come . . . I don't have German ancestry . . . but I got so much out of it and the presentation was very good. I'm glad I didn't stay home." - Bobby, Corona Genealogical Society, February 2010 (paraphrased from conversation)

" I learned so much from your German Research talk." - Kathleen, Corona Genealogical Society, February 2010

"Thank you Jean. Excellent presentation Monday night! You took a topic that could have been dry and boring and made it come alive. Loved it." - Debbie, Corona Genealogical Society, February 2010

"Thank you for the very helpful presentation at Monday's meeting!  And thank you for the notes." - Margaret & Bob, Corona Genealogical Society, February 2010

"Thank you for the excellent presentation. It was interesting and informative. Great Job!" - Gary, Corona Genealogical Society, February 2010

"We really enjoyed your presentation at the HSJGS meeting . . . Thank You." - Bruce & Corinne, March 2009 

"I enjoyed your lecture every much.  I didn't think I would learn anything but I did." - Rosemary, Hemet-San Jacinto Genealogical Society, March 2009


"I really enjoyed the presentation." - Elna, SCCAPG, October 2010


"Just a short note to say "THANKS" for the very interesting and informative presention on New York State tonight at the Family History Center. It was all very helpful to me . . ." - Edward, Orange Regional Family History Center, October 2008


"I enjoyed your 'It's About Time' talk in Knoxville [FGS, August 2010] . . . I was eager to see how you turned the article into a lecture. I enjoy watching you speak and hope to hear more of you in Charleston." - Phyllis, September 2010


"I really enjoyed attending your class on newFamilySearch last weekend. It was a very popular subject seeing as how all the seats were filled very soon. You engaged the class well and are a very good speaker. . . . Thank you also for all your prep time and generosity in sharing what you know with the rest of us." - Leslie, Redlands Ancestry Novemberfest, November 2010

". . . once again, thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us! I am signed on [to New FamilySearch] and working on my file and excited!" - Jim, Corona, CA, December 2008

[I was informed that] ". . . you came into the HP Group meeting today and taught them how to get on to nFS. [I was told that] it was an excellent presentation. Of course, you always do an excellent job!" - Larry, Corona, CA, December 2008


"Thank you so much for your great presentation today. I throughly loved it and found it to be very educational." - Rosemary, Lake Elsinore Genealogical Society, November 2009

"Your presentation yesterday was a real treat, very well presented and well-received. One member suggested that [we] should book two of your presentations a year." - Roberta, Pomona Valley Genealogical Society

"Your PowerPoint display was elegant!" - Chuck, Pomona Valley Genealogical Society


"Thx for PAF: It was great--and simple."--Elaine, Corona Genealogical Society, January 2009


“We love having you here. What a great speaker . . .” – Jamie, Genealogical Society of North Orange County Calif., February 2011 

I was at the meeting last night and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, and the information you provided. . . hopefully [I] can use your info to get documentation to prove [my family] story. Thanks so much.” – Kelly, Genealogical Society of North Orange County Calif., February 2011
I enjoyed your presentation
         last evening at the GSNOCC meeting.” – Suzan, February 2011
"Funny and articulate, Jean is a wonderful speaker." - Joan (from her blog: Luxegen Genealogy and Family History, where she includes a photo of impromptu music, presented at the same event), SCGS Jamboree, Burbank, CA, June 2010

"Sometimes there are sessions at which the proverbial lightbulb switches on. Such essential knowledge is transmitted that the participants then find it difficut to look at their own individual family histories in quite the same way as before. All of us have family stories that might be termed myths. How can we determine whether a story may be fact or fiction? A fascinating session on just this topic was given by Jean Wilcox Hibben." - Schelly (from her blog: MyHeritage GenealogyBlog, where a comprehensive overview of the presentation can be found), SCGS Jamboree, Burbank, CA, June 2010 

"One of the best presentations I saw this year at the genealogical Jamboree was given by Jean Wilcox, Hibben, PhD, MA, CG." - Linda, 21 June 2010 (for the Immigrant Genealogical Society Newsletter about the Jamboree presentation: "Shaking the Myth")

"You are an inspirational speaker." - Gary, Corona Genealogical Society, May 2008

"My sister and I enjoyed your talk about Family Myths at the NSDCGS on Tuesday, 27 Nov 07. . . after your most illustrative talk [we] got together (just outside the meeting room) and talked about this . . . and we think one of them has been cleared up, thanks to you." -
Don, North San Diego County Genealogical Society

"Thank you for a fun and informative genealogy meeting this morning in Carlsbad (CA)" - Ruth, North San Diego County Genealogical Society, November 2007


“Thank you for your lecture last Sunday. It was well received. I received comments from some of the attendees and they thought that you were one of the best speakers we have had for some time. They all enjoyed your presentation very much. . . Thanks again.” – Toni, Pomeranian Special Interest Group, 18 April 2012 

“Exceptional speaker” – Frank, Pomeranian Special Interest Group 18 April 2012

"Thanks so much for giving us such good guidelines for writing a family history. Creating a timeline using all of our ancestors' information is a great suggestion . . ." - Carolyn, Corona (CA) Genealogical Society Seminar, August 2011

Thank you for your marvelous presentation at the Redlands FHC research class.  It was not only very motivational, but also very informational.  Sharing the variety of sources you used to connect the pieces of your family together will encourage the participants to search beyond dates.  It was evident that people were getting caught up through your enthusiasm. . . . Thanks again for bringing our attention to the importance of including our family stories as part of our research." - Tamara, June 2011

"Thank you for your presentation at our last meeting . . . [we] so enjoyed your talk!" - Debra, Daughters of Union Veterans, Apple Valley, CA, February 2011

“All of the DUV enjoyed you yesterday.” –
Jackie, Daughters of Union Veterans, Apple Valley, CA, February 2011


"Thank You Jean, I enjoyed your last presentation at the LA FHL." - Pat, Los Angeles Family History Library, 22 March 2012

"Enjoyed your presentation of 'Strangers' ['Who is That?'].  I was in awe of the methods you used to ferret out the needed information and prove each little bit!" - Gordon, 4 March 2012, Escondido Family History Fair, 3 March 2012

"I enjoyed your excellent presentation last week." - Frances, 14 February 2012, Corona Genealogical Society

"I am looking forward to the day [my wife] will meet you and especially having her attend one of Jean's lectures. That was definitely a major highlight during my visit." - Tom, 8 February 2012, Corona Genealogical Society

"I enjoyed your presentation." - Sally, 8 February 2012, Corona Genealogical Society

"The presentation was very informative and impressive. You are the one! Thank you for all you do!" - Gary, 7 February 2012, Corona Genealogical Society

"Thanks Jean...you are a fountain of genealogical knowledge. We are so lucky to have you leading our CGS members." - Edwin, 7 February 2012, Corona Genealogical Society

"Your talk inspired me to get on FamilySearch to do some searching!" - Niki, 7 February 2012, Corona Genealogical Society

It was like an entire course in 60 minutes . . . and as always, you did it with such enthusiam & humor. You constantly inspire us to never give up by giving us new people and places to look at and leading us through the process step by step. It's no wonder you always send us home with new energy & excitement for the hunt." - Carolyn, 7 February 2012, Corona Genealogical Society

"Great presentation Jean. I hope our members learned as much as I did." - Jerry, 6 February 2012, Corona Genealogical Society


"My wife Carolyn shared with me the luxury of the 'tutorial' which you presented on Genealogy for folks with learning disabilities. As a retired teacher and principal, I know that there are many folks around with various disabilities which impact their learning and research! Too bad they do not have the confidence to step forward to get some help. Society still places a stigma on any disability. I congratulate you for finding the perseverance to overcome your challenges!" - Gordon, 4 March 2012, Escondido Family History Fair, 3 March 2012

"I attended your SCGS-sponsored webinar . . . and found it to be incredibly helpful. You did a WONDERFUL job, and I can't commend you highly enough!!! . . . one of the attendees asked about cousin relationships. Again, you did a marvelous job explaining how these relationships work, which can be a challenge for any number of us budding genealogists . . . your way of explaining these relationships was the clearest explanation I've come across so far, . . . Thanks again for all your good work." - Sally, Brooklyn, NY, SCGS Jamboree Extension Webinar, 19 Oct 2011


Photo by Gary Friedman


"Loved your presentation last night. What a story!" - Norma, Genealogical Society of North Orange County California, April 2009

"Thank you for sharing your g-g-grandmother's story with us yesterday. Your interpretation of [the] manuscript made it seem so life like." - Nancy, Mayflower Society, February 2009

"I was really impressed with the amount of detail you had, and how personal you made Elizabeth with your description of her life . . . your German reference pages are very good." - C.G., Orange County California Genealogical Society, 2008

"We spoke following your wonderful presentation at the [seminar] in Ridgecrest . . . During your presentation I teared up when your Elizabeth was on the deck of the ship wondering if she had done the right thing by leaving her children. I was right there on that ship deck with her - sea spray in my face and all! Thanks for making it so real." - M.L.


"We all so enjoyed your performance . . . I especially liked the digital 'slides' [PowerPoint]. You made them so easy to follow along and made it easy to understand. Thank you, THANK YOU!" - Liz, Questing Heirs

". . . thank you for your excellent presentation . . . [it] was informative as well as very entertaining. I heard members stating that they learned a lot from your excellent presentation. The second part . . . was very informative . . . where you tied your research methods to your well-told story of Nathan Wilcox's family." - Paul, Whittier Area Genealogical Society

"I so enjoyed your presentation to our . . . group yesterday.  What a unique delivery and your overheads [PowerPoint] were a 'work of art.'" - Donna, Whittier Area Genealogical Society

". . . thank you for the wonderful presentation you gave before our group. We really appreciated all the time and effort you spent in helping educate us further regarding our Civil War [ancestor] veterans' history. I received many compliments to pass on to you." - Mary Sue, Orange County California Genealogical Society


"Thank you so much for sharing your extensive knowledge of your ancestor's background . . . at our last meeting. Our members enjoyed your program and learned a lot. We enjoyed meeting and visiting with you and hope that the evening was as enjoyable for you as it was for us." - Jolee, Waukesha (WI) Genealogical Society, September 2009

"It was fantastic!" - Bob, Waukesha (WI) Genealogical Society, September 2009

"I so enjoyed your presentation last night." - Janet, Waukesha (WI) Genealogical Society, September 2009

"I enjoyed your presentation in character, as well as the source information." - Chris, Orange County, Calif. Genealogical Society, August 2009


"Your presentation was just wonderful; you put the information together to make it come alive and so interesting. Thank you." -
George, Van Buren (MI) Regional Genealogical Society, September 2009

"Thank you so very much for the wonderful program you gave to our society last night.  You kept us so interested that the time just flew by.  The connection to Decatur [Michigan] was an added plus." - Joyce, Van Buren (MI) Regional Genealogical Society, September 2009


ST. GEORGE FAMILY HISTORY EXPO, February 2010, "The Wizard of Blogs"

"Can you imagine a better genealogy speaker than an expert in folklore? I can't!  Jean  Wilcox Hibben is a board-certified genealogist, President of the Corona Genealogical Society, and the Southern California chapter of APG! And MESA [got] to hear her speak [at the Family History Expo]." -

Other blogs about this event:

Gena Philibert Ortega

Renee - The Family Curator


". . . it was great seeing you again and I completely enjoyed your presentation." - Debra, Inland Empire Chapter, Mayflower Society, November, 2011

"Thank you for your excellent lectures at our Novemberfest. Your keynote address was so relevant. Your dedication to sharing your knowledge is so appreciated." - Redlands/Yucaipa Family History Center Staff, Redlands Ancestry Novemberfest, 2009

"Novemberfest featured a fabulous keynote by Jean Wilcox Hibben . . ." - Gena, Redlands (CA) Ancestry Novemberfest, 2009

"Everyone at St. Elizabeth loved your presentation . . . we do owe a lot to those who came before us." - Marilyn, St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church Ladies Auxiliary, Carlsbad, CA, November 2009

"That was so good today. I loved the way you tied it all together." - Diane, Aurantia Chapter, DAR, Riverside, CA, 2008


"I enjoyed the journey through US history. The music was outstanding and I thoroughly enjoyed myself . . ." - Caroline, Orange Family History Fair, 2007


"What a wonderful program . . . Your music was the perfect touch and I was amazed and inspired hearing how you've incorporated your love of music with genealogy. It was delightful . . . Thank you so much for giving us such a 'feast' for our ears." - Dee, Corona, CA, November 2007


"I really want to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk at our luncheon on the 16th . . . Am looking forward to attending more of your lectures . . ." - Jimmy, Cahuilla Chapter, DAR, Palm Springs, October 2009

"We thank you so much for coming today and presenting your program. It was hard to choose which one." - Cynthia, Cahuilla Chapter, DAR, Palm Springs, October 2009

"I really enjoyed the cemetery power point, it was informative and enjoyable." -
Dianna, Redlands Ancestry Novemberfest 2007


"Spot on!" - Sam, Southern California Genealogical Society, Lunch & Learn, 14 January 2012

"Thank you so very much for your wonderful and entertaining presentation . . . You are always so fun and festive . . . thank you for your time and energy" - Charlotte, Southern California Genealogical Society, Lunch & Learn, 14 January 2012


"Thank you so very much for an informative & interesting talk . . . Many of our members are very interested in genealogy and felt your presentation was a great foundation to learn how to go about traving family history." - Michele, Carlsbad Newcomers, September 2009


JAMBOREE, Burbank, CA, May 2012

"I just wanted to that you . . . very much for another FANTASTIC Jamboree. I enjoyed working with . . . you and [look] forward to doing it all again in 2013!" - Vicki Hilb (via email), So. Cal. Genealogical Society, 13 June 2012


"Darlene and I really enjoyed your three seminars on March 23, in Mesa [Sunland Springs]. Your sense of humor on the subject helps to make it more interesting." – Lou, Denver, CO, 25 March 2012  

"Thank you so much for making our seminar special. I always enjoy listening to your presentations." – Judi, Sunland Springs, Mesa, AZ, 23 March 2012


". . . thank you for your presentation at our Family History Fair. You helped make it the hit that it was. . . . in the survey we take you are the most often mentioned as a favorite presenter as to content, presentation and entertaining. We continue to get nice comments about your presentations and the help you provide." - Ted Kolb, seminar organizer, 13 March 2012 

"I was at one of your presentations yesterday. I also heard you last year and have enjoyed your humor and attention to detail in your presentations." - Joe, Escondido, 4 March 2012


"I want to thank you for all the time you put into our meeting(s) . . . the crafts . . . your songs, (etc.) for the 2011 Kids' Family History Camp. It was a joy to watch you and your enthusiasm in what you do. . . . Thank you for all you do to promote genealogy." - Charlotte

"You are a delightful presenter! I love learning new things. You made it interesting & fun! Thx!" - Crista

"Wonderful class!" - Brett


"Thanks so much for volunteering at Kids' Kamp. According to the feedback that I received, the kids had a great time and learned a lot." - Julie Miller, Kids' Kamp Coordinator


"Thank you for your participation as a speaker in our 2011 Family History Fair. You contributed to making it a successful event. We appreciate very much your willingness to share with others." - Beth


“I wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed your presentation at the Escondido Family Center at the LDS stake several months ago.  Yes, it has taken me awhile to get this note off to you. You were humorous and made a late afternoon sit-down lecture most enjoyable. It was very refreshing. You certainly have a knack for speaking and I hope to enjoy some of your presentations in the future.” – Sherri, June 2011
"Thank you so much for your presentation at our Family History Fair yesterday. Your participation helped make the Fair the success it was. We received many good comments about you and the help you were to our patrons . . . Many said the music at the end was a very nice touch at the end of the day. You presenting at five sessions was a work of great love . . . Again we express our gratitude for your service yesterday." - Ted & Carolyn


"Enjoyed your presentation yesterday in Redlands." - Marilyn


" . . . you were so well liked. I knew you would be . . ." - Susi

". . . enjoyed seeing Jean Hibben at CVGS Fall Seminar today - three excellent talks. A bonus: two original songs about family history." - Randy (whose full review on this program can be found at his GeneaMusings blog)


"It was so much fun to hear you both at Jamboree! I have a new appreciation now for all you do. Enjoyed this [blog] post [about the Flagstaff Folk Festival] . . ." - Cheryl, 18 June 2010 (on Circlemending blog about the singalong during cocktail hour on Sat.)

Loved the singalong, Jean." - Susan, 17 June 2010 (from Facebook)

"Jean Wilcox Hibben and her husband Butch created wonderful entertainment with their guitar and saw, and Thomas [MacEntee] and Jean harmonized on some lovely folk songs while many listened or sang along." - Miriam, 16 June 2010 (from her blog: AnceStories)

"Thank you for the great show!" - Amy, 13 June 2010 (on Circlemending blog about the singalong during cocktail hour on Sat.)


"Thank you for your participation in our Family History Fair on Saturday. From the patron comments submitted at the end of the day we have several wonderful and positive reviews about the information you presented. Your clear and humorous way of presentation was of special note." -
FHC Director

Thanks for a great course.  I was in your class in Escondido on Saturday.  I always get new ideas from listening." - Heidi


"I loved your music and your January seminar . . ." - Jean

"I enjoyed your talk and you and your husband's music." - Joy

"Jean - you did your talks with so much enthusiasm and humor, I'm glad I stayed here [instead of going to Salt Lake]." - Randy (from Facebook) . . .

"Jean Wilcox Hibben kept a crowd of 130 genealogists spellbound and entertained, during the
San Diego Genealogical Society seminar 'A Day With Jean Wilcox Hibben.' . . . Jean is such a 'happy' researcher and presenter. The humorous asides and self-deprecating comments are priceless, and make her instantly likeable and believable. She had the audience rapt in their cushioned seats waiting for the next "information crumb" to be found as she blazed her research trail through several states and several New York Counties." - Randy (from his blog, where he provides a complete synopsis of the first of the four presentations) and he goes on the next day . . .

"Full disclosure: I am a card-carrying member of the Jean Wilcox Hibben fan club - because she is a really wonderful person and an excellent researcher and presenter." - Randy (from his blog)

"Our annual seminar and meeting had a very interesting daylong presentation. The speaker was Jean Wilcox Hibben . . . If you weren't able to attend the meeting, you missed a very enjoyable day!" - Chris (see full blog review on the SDGS blog)

"Jean's mastery of the Power Point Presentation clarified and exhibited the data in an easy to follow manner. It was obviously a task to prepare but very worthwhile. Very inspirational for what presentations can accomplish." - Ruth (from Facebook)


"Thanks for the great workshop." -
Jeanne Marie

"Your presentation last Saturday in Ridgecrest was delightful - as usual.  I am in awe of your many talents. You make it look so easy to find your records and yet I am sure it takes you quite awhile to get everything accomplished . . . thank you for coming here and sharing your time and gifts with us." - Colleen


"I enjoyed your presention at our Family History Seminar last Sat." - Nona

"How I enjoy your talks and the information you give!  Also love the songs you add to the program." - Janet


Kids Camp comments: "Jean does an awesome job, and the first Kids Camp at Jamboree was outstanding for a beginning." - Ann

"I . . . attended your 'Deduction vs. Induction' talk at Jamboree last summer. I read the related article [to 'Clue to Clue'] in NGSQ, and I hope you'll consider me a fan of your work!" - Madaleine

"I saw both of your workshops and learned a lot." - Carlita

"It was lovely to meet you at Jamboree last June.  I especially enjoyed your presentation on Applying Logic . . . Theory [to Family History]." - Terri 

"Thank you for the information you presented over the weekend. It created new insights in researching, organization and presentation of my family history and the family tree.  It is always a pleasure to meet you and share, learn new ideas. I look forward in reading your new article." - Kevin

"Your presentation this past weekend was delightful. I hope to be present at another of your presentations in the future." -

(Note: this next entry is quoted verbatim with the link to the blog on which it appeared . . . I couldn't resist putting the entire quote here)

Our Favorite SoCal Jamboree Presentations:
"Number one on Jane's and Nancy's list was Jean Wilcox Hibben's presentation, Clue to Clue: Tracking a Family Over Time and Miles. I had planned to attend this, but changed my mind at the last minute. Big mistake! Jane and Nancy came running out of the presentation yelling, "You would have loved it!" I bought the CD, of course, and we listened to this on the way home. I did love it. Given their enthusiastic review, most of us changed our 8 a.m. Sunday plans and went to Jean's talk, Deduction vs. Induction in Genealogical Research. We didn't regret it." - Susan Johnston, The Adventures of a Histotechneer, 4 July 2009


"I was present for one of your speaker introductions at the conference and I must say it was the best introduction I heard during those four days. You have a great presence." - PMZ


"I enjoyed your presentations today.  Your material was very informative, your slides were very well done (easy to read), your delivery was understandable and your humor made the learning enjoyable." -

"We did not have an opportunity to thank you for your participation in our Family History Fair on Saturday. May we now express an appreciative THANK YOU for your presentations at our Fair on Saturday. In our patron survey of the Fair we received favorable comments on all your presentations. You seem to be a crowd favorite.  We believe the Fair was a success and your presence added to that success." -
Ted & Carolyn, Escondido Family History Center

"I attended your class in Escondido a few weeks ago.  It was great!" - Heidi


". . . you really helped us at the Mesa conference . . . thank you." - Justin, Footnote.com


"THANK YOU for a wonderful presentation yesterday - I know that everyone there appreciated your enthusiasm, humor and expertise in telling stories and sharing songs.  I had a great time . . . I hope that you can come back and visit us again . . . I wish you all the best in your folklore career - you have a great talent and I'm really glad to see you sharing it with the genealogy and folklore world." - Randy, Chula Vista Genealogical Society


"The audience totally enjoyed Jean's presentations - they were informational, fun, touching, and entertaining - we even got to sing along! I urge you - if you have the opportunity to see and hear Jean at a local society meeting or a conference - to take advantage of the opportunity; you will totally enjoy yourself and learn a lot about genealogy research in the process.

"My thanks to Jean Wilcox Hibben for giving so much of her time and effort to educate and entertain us, and to the willing workers of CVGS who made this seminar a success." - Randy, Chula Vista Genealogical Society

(Read complete review at http://cvgencafe.blogspot.com/ under 18 October 2008.)


"Here is a great bit THANK YOU! from all the individuals who attended the KCGS Seminar.  We all had a good time and did learn a lot. Even the topic for beginners was useful to everyone. . . . Our German Group is starting up again, and we will be using the resources we learned from you.  Your California Gold Rush History with music was very well received and some are still talking about it." - Dee


"Your part in the St. George conference was GREAT!" - Doris


"Thank you . . . for your informative and original program. Our members enjoyed it immensely . . ." - Charlie C.

"Thank you again for your wonderful presentation Saturday [26 January 2008] at our seminar. Our members enjoyed it immensely. . . . Just want you to know I especially liked the two musical sessions. However, the other two sessions were full of helpful info as you delved into your family background. What fun!!  Thank you again.  Gratefully," -- Sally F.


". . . thank you for your wonderful presentation at the Orange County Family History Fair last spring.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was particularly impressed with the music you presented." - D.H.


"Thanks for . . . providing us with such wonderful ways to look at the methods as well as the motivation behind our research." - Linda


"We were all very pleased with your presentation as it was extremely well done and has received many compliments." - June, Fresno County Genealogical Society

"Thanks for the wonderful presentation . . . your power point was great!" - Karen, Fresno County Genealogical Society


"Thank You Jean, you are truly an inspiration to us all." - Pat, 30 June 2012 

"I wanted to thank you for speaking at our group. You were a big hit.  We learned a lot, plus you made it all very enjoyable.  Your song was very moving." - Sandy, Questing Heirs, Long Beach, CA, March 2012

"Thanks for your sweet spirit of sharing the importance of genealogy and singing your way into our hearts!" - Juanita, email, 5 March 2012

"Hibben is a national genealogical speaker and presented at this same seminar in 2011. Not only is she a great teacher but she also entertains with her guitar and folk songs. You can't beat the price of $15.00!" - promo for March seminar in Mesa, Arizona from blog "The Turning of Generations" by Michelle Goodrum

"It is always interesting to have you speak to us. I have been a member of this club for a little over two years and have always enjoyed your presentations and I make an attempt to visit you at other locations, also." - Sondra, Genealogy Club of Sun City Palm Desert, November 2011

"I have heard you speak at a variety of locations and know that you are very professional genealogist." - Blythe, November 2011

"I loved your last seminar... You and your husband are amazing." - Pat, Los Angeles, California, November 2011

"I'm delighted to look forward to your programs here [in Los Angeles]." - Joy, November 2011

"I will love to listen to you on any topic . . .!" - Carmen, Los Angeles Family History Library, October 2011

"Many thanks!  I enjoyed listening to your inspirational talks and especially your music during the . . . Corona Library Tuesday meetings."  – Sally, Corona Genealogical Society, September 2011

"Anytime my cousin is speaking about family history is a good day! " - Pat Richley-Erickson (AKA, Dear Myrtle), my 8th cousin (via Facebook), August 2011

"Jean, I would love to shadow you for just one week. It will either inspire me or kill me!!" - Delores (via Facebook), March 2011

"You are a wonderful presenter and I know the ladies love you - me too." - Rosemary, Lake Elsinore Genealogical Society, February 2011

"Everyone loves a Jean Hibben session." - Ruth, January 2011 (from Facebook)

"Oh.  Jean. Your powerpoints are the best!!!  You are an inspiration."
- Ruth, October 2010 (from Facebook)

"Your presentations were so good at OCCGS on Saturday. Thanks for an enjoyable day. . . Your talks are always wonderful. I don't know how you do all you do. You are one busy woman. I like your blog also." - N.P.F., Orange County Calif. Genealogical Society, Huntington Beach, September 2010

"Your talks are excellent and helpful and after you hear one of your presentations one
can actually follow up and do the stuff you talked about." - Nancy, Buena Park, June 2010

"Thanks for a wonderful presentation!

"I got favorable comments--one long time member came up and asked me if I had arranged for  the presentation--when I said yes he told me how wonderful it was. . . And a new member also told me how helpful it had been for him." - MarieSue, Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society, April 2010

"You truly have a gift for sharing genealogy so painlessley and quite entertaining, too!  Thank you for coming to Santa Barbara, and I do hope we will see you again soon." - Cleo, Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society, April 2010

"I touted your many marvelous and professional abilities to all the people I talked to today [at the Corona Genealogical Society booth, Corona Public Library community event]." - Bobby, March 2010

[You are] "a very fine and knowledgeable speaker and genealogist." - Len, Corona, CA, March 2010

"I thought your performances, especially . . . Down By The Riverside at the end, were super.  You are a real pro." - Bob, Chicago music gathering, September 2009

"I attend all of your lectures that I can find. 
You are a most interesting person . . . Keep up the good work." -
Nancy (on Facebook, September 2009)

"Music is a great way of getting people involved, especially when it brings back great memories of their older family members. It makes them think about 'back then' and helps them focus on certain events they would otherwise have forgotten. Jean does an excellent job and really does enjoy her work. You simply have to watch her face to know this is so." - Ann (Facebook comment, August 2009)

"Loved both of your talks . . . You certainly have a very unique gift for giving Genealogy lectures. You bring them to life and also teach us the how to's. I was very impressed with your talk(s) and research." - Nancy (Orange County Calif. Genealogical Society, August 2009)

From Facebook, 2 June 2009:

"Jean Wilcox Hibben has been collecting and studying folk music and folklore since she was about 8, what talent! . . . Awesome Jean! I'm sure we will be blogging and tweeting about it from the Colorado Family History Expo! For those of you who don't know Jean and Butch will be our Banquet entertainment in Colorado! We are SOO looking forward to a very entertaining and fun evening!" - Holly Hansen (Family History Expos)

"I agree . . . a genealogical treasure. Entertaining and fun, especially Butch on the Saw. . . Holly - you are in for a treat, but you know that, I think. Folks in Chula Vista still talk about Butch and Jean and their program." - Randy Seaver

"Jean Wilcox Hibben [is] one of the very best conference and society presenters . . . " "Jean spoke in April 2006 at SDGS (San Diego Genealogical Society) and it was, in my opinion, one of the best programs I've attended."  - Randy Seaver, 2008 (http://www.geneamusings.com/2008/08/jean-wilcox-hibben-phd.html)

"I have had many opportunities to listen to Jean, and each time [I have been] just so engrossed in her lectures and folklore; and then applying her . . . guitar brings her stories together." - Jackie, Hi-Desert Genealogical Society

"We first heard your keynote talk at the Orange Family History Fair a year ago, and thus were excited to hear you again yesterday at OCCGS.  We thoroughly enjoy your talks!" - Joelene, Huntington Beach, CA


So. Calif. Chapter of the Assoc. of Professional Genealogists, June 2012:

"On behalf of the Genealogical Society of North Orange County California (GSNOCC), I want to express our appreciation to you for your participation on our SCCAPG panel: A Passell of Pros . . . Going the extra mile for our GSNOCC was most appreciated. We were so glad you came. You truly kept the panel on target and offered great expertise from all of your endeavers, experience and education . . . Your expertise, professionalism and enthusiasm always shine through in everything you do. You contributed a wealth of information . . . You have such an expansive knowledge of this topic . . . Thank you for making our meeting successful, and we appreciate your support." - Nancy Peralta, Program Chair, 2nd VP, GSNOCC


GREENSTREET PRODUCTIONS (recorded 6 April 2012, Corona, California - viewable on-line)

"Terrific interview !!!" – Tom Fraser (Producer), Greenstreetproductions.net, 10 April 2012

FGS RADIO, My Society  - Selecting and Hiring a Genealogy Speaker (aired 9 July 2011)

"I listened to [your] <pseudo->radio interview on FGS on hiring a Genealogy Speaker and I found it quite valuable and entertaining!  Well done." - Gary, 14 July 2011

“Just listened to your talk on FGS Radio, I learned many things.” – Jackie, July 2011

"I just listened from my motel room in Fallbrook. Good job, Jean!" - Susan, 9 July 2011

Well, that hour of the FGS Radio show flew by. Great show. Thanks, Thomas MacEntee and Jean Wilcox Hibben." - Paula, 9 July 2011 

". . . thanks to Jean Wilcox Hibben for being a wonderful guest on FGS Radio this afternoon!" - Thomas MacEntee (host), 9 July 2011 (comment posted on Facebook)

" Wow! You ROCK!" - Vic, July 2011

NEWSNET, Riverside Folk Song Society (aired 15 March 2010)

"Just watched it Jean, well done, it was great. Nice song too . . ." -
Margie, UK

"Enjoyed the show and the song. Thanks." - Lynne, Utah

"You done us proud!" - Bernie, California (RFSS member)

NEWSNET, Corona Genealogical Society (aired 22 March 2010)

"I saw the interview. You did well. At least you can pronounce Genealogy." - Jerry (CGS member)

"Cool!!!  You did a great job." - Judy (CGS member)

"Excellent interview" -
Mary-Anne (CGS member)

"You did fantastic!  I viewed it on-line." -
a fan, Ellery (CGS member)

"you REALLY did all of us proud!!" - Beth (CGS member)


"When I met Jean Wilcox Hibben awhile back, I was taken first by the fact that she holds a Ph.D. in Folklore (why didn’t I think of doing that?), and second, by her amazing dedication to preserving the music and traditions of our ancestors. As a collector of traditional folk music myself, I was fascinated by the depth and breadth of her knowledge . . ." - Renee of Photoloom (Quoted on her blog Above the Trees, 25 August 2009)



"Since I am a family historian and a music lover, I find your recordings very enjoyable.  It was great to hear all the interesting instruments . . . I especially liked the saw!" - Nancy, St. George, UT, October 2009

"The songs bring back such wonderful memories.  Can hardly wait to share them, especially with my granddaughter who is interested in our family history." - Jimmy, Palm Springs, CA, October 2009

Green Glass Tumbling Arrow 6


From the director of a Gold Rush museum in Mariposa, CA: "[We] would like to have [your gold rush CD] playing in our museum as background music throughout the day . . . I was surfing the web for gold rush era songs, came across your site and really fell in love with your music . . ." -Ron, Mariposa, CA, December 2008

and, after receiving and playing the CD . . .

"'Songs of the California Gold Rush' . . . has been an enjoyable addition to our music library . . . Playing your music throughout the day creates a wonderful ambience of the gold rush era in the Museum. The variety of instruments that you play in your music selections is so very pleasing to the ear." - Ron Loya, Mariposa Museum and History Center, Inc., Mariposa, CA, January 2009

Check out the museum's website: www.mariposamuseum.com.


"My wife, with her Irish heritage, is really enjoying your Irish CD." - Jerry, Corona, CA

"I loved this CD straight off, started singing along, Gypsy Rover has been one of my alltime favourites for too many years to mention.The whole of the CD is great and not to be missed by any folk song lover. I've ordered 2 more to give to friends and also another of her CDs; can't wait for it to arrive." - Maggie, UK

"[Jean] has such a sweet voice and I love the old folk songs. My father's family was of Scottish descent and they had a lot of neat little songs that I learned coming up as a kid. My Granny McCaskill sang them while she was hanging clothes on the line and cooking, etc. so hearing that kind of music really brings back a flood of memories. It's refreshing to know that there are people like Jean who invest their time and effort in keeping the music of our ancestors alive for future generations." - Monica, San Antonio, Texas


"I want you to know I enjoy your President's Message each month.  Sometimes I wonder where you're going with it but you always pull it together in the last few paragraphs.  You always have helpful tips." - MAV, Corona Genealogical Society, 27 February 2012

"I enjoy[ed] the column. You make Corona proud." - Jim, Corona Genealogical Society, November 2011

"I enjoyed this [Circlemending] newsletter very much." - Olivia, September 2011

"This is a note just to tell you how much I enjoyed your message in the August [Corona Genealogical Society] newsletter.  I love the idea of looking for family traits handed down." -  Anne, August 2011

"Thanks so much for all of your contributions to Speak. You make my job oh so much easier.” -
Phyllis, editor SPEAK!, Genealogical Speakers Guild, June 2011

"I've always had a special admiration for the way you put together genealogy, history, and folk culture!" - Craig Manson (via Facebook), January, 2011 (Thanks, Craig!)

"COOL!!  You are FAMOUS!!!" – Alice, re: NGS Conference Blog, guest blogger, 13 April 2012

". . . I LOVED your [census] song." - Pam, High Desert Genealogical Society, March 2011

“. . . that census song was so hilarious.” – Jamie, Genealogical Society of North Orange County Calif., February 2011

"Your [original] song [about the census] was so good. Just loved it." - Nancy, Orange County Calif. Genealogical Society, September 2010

"I love your themes and articles." - Betty, GenWeekly, July 2010

"This was a wonderful piece you sent for the
[FGS 2010 Conference] blog." - Paula, June 2010

"I'm impressed with your website." - Laura, January 2010

"Thanks for all the good writings you do." - Nancy, December 2009


"I just want to thank you for your wonderful blog circlemending.blogspot.com. I read the post 'A little violin music, if you please' and then I spent another hour on your blog by reading your posts with pleasure :) Every article is interesting and easy to read. I really like the 'A funny thing happened on the way to the blog . . . AKA Applications for Headstones for US Military Veterans, Part 2 (of 2)'." - Serge, 21 December 2011

I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your info on blogger." - Steve, 13 November 2011

"Jean rocks!" - Gena, 24 March 2011 (from Facebook)

"I admire your blog . . ." -
Ana, 15 June 2010 (from Facebook)

"Jean, wonderful blog." - Jennifer, 13 June 2010 (from Facebook)

"I am awed by Jean's musical knowledge and prowess - and this article is a how-to masterpiece about home-made musical instruments." Posted by Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings on his blog, 11 Apr 2010.

Read the complimentary review from Dean Richardson of Genlighten at his blog, posted on 27 Feb 2010.

"I just started to read your blog, and it is so interesting.   I love learning about history, and I think it is amazing how you were able to discover so much information about your ancestors.  I can see why you are so busy!   I am going to enjoy reading your blog." - Shelley, December 2009

PROJECTION: IT'S FOR THE VOICE AS WELL AS THE VISUALS (SPEAK! Newsletter of the Genealogical Speakers Guild, 2012)

"Thanks for the article. It's great." – Phyllis (SPEAK! Editor), Dec. 2011

TRIMMING THE ROYAL FOREST (Crossroads, 6:3, publication of the Utah Genealogical Assoc., Autumn 2011)

"Jean, that was just too funny! Having been around while the thing was in progress, I think I could laugh even harder [when reading the account]. Actually, I think this is the best job of writing that you have done! . . . This is a classic!" - Alice, December 2011


"Hey! Another great article! . . . 'course it helps that you are a really good writer!! . . . I enjoyed it!!" - Alice, November 2011



“I enjoyed your article about family legends in the April-June 2011 issue of NGS Magazine.I hadn’t heard of the A*R*G process for analyzing arguments but it seems to be a powerful technique.  Since many families have anecdotal legends, I think your article will be helpful to many researchers.” – Jerry, Katy, TX

GENEALOGY ROAD TRIP! (Family Chronicle, May/June 2011)

“Just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed your article in [the] newest Family Chronicle. I found it to be very well written and extremely knowledgeable. My wife and I have certainty enjoyed our genealogy/family history trips over the past 15 years since our retirement. I was so impressed in the detail to which you accurately describe the many pros and the few cons of using an RV for genealogy research trips. Hopefuly, the article will encourage many more to give using an RV for their genealogy trips a try. Thank you.” - Don, AZ

“I was captivated by your article in the latest issue of Family Chronicle. It took me back to a period . . . when my wife and I were 'on the road' . . . six to nine months of every year . . . Part of the time (during the warmer seasons), we traveled in a 21-foot motor home, with all the benefits you describe. . . One line in your article caught my eye. You wrote, ‘Expect to pay more for your travel than when driving in a car.’ . . . We found that our cost of traveling in a motor home was one third of the cost of traveling by car in spite of the fact that the motor home got only seven miles to the gallon. The big saving was on motels and restaurant meals. . .” – Woody (note to Woody: when I mentioned the cost, I was referring specifically to gas, tolls, vehicle maintenance, and parking . .  . I completely agree that, when added all together, an RV can be far more economical and convenient than traveling by car or by plane and then renting a car and staying in motels or hotels. Jean)

“I read your article in the May-June Family Chronicle and appreciate your excellent advice. . . . Thank you!!” – Joan, Ontario, Canada 

“I cried when I read your article in the Family Chronicle . . . It brought back so many wonderful days that I experienced, and that I wish that I could continue today. I loved RVing! I did just as you did, experienced exactly what you experienced, went as you did everywhere, and at least once a year ended up in Salt Lake City, parked at a close-in RV park so that I could go "play with my (and my parents' ) ancestors" at the FH Library. . . Thank you for showcasing the life that I loved to those who wouldn't even think of experiencing it!” – Sally, Washington


"Jean: fantastic article in APGQ and I loved the photo." - Lisa (via Facebook)


"This week, Jean Hibben presents the last in her series on the language of clothing: 'Lexicons of Lost Lifestyles: Clothing, Part 10 - The Fabric of Our Lives.' The article answers the question -- well, maybe not completely -- on the origin of some fabric names: tweed, argyle, and gabardine, to name a few. And who would think that lovely, light-weight fabric that signals spring, 'seersucker,' finds its origins in Sanskrit? The series does a great job weaving a bit of historical context in with the origin of terms, giving us that up close and personal look at things we may be familiar with only generally -- a good example is the religious pilgrimages of the Middle Ages. Some of the fabrics discussed may be unfamiliar to the younger generations, providing a great opportunity for sharing across the generations and prompting, perhaps, a few treasured memories." - Illya, GenealogyToday Editor 


"Enjoyed your Grave Honor article in FTM." -
Midge, March 2011 (from Facebook)

"Jean, your articles are wonderful . . . it's fabulous . . ." -
Beverly, February 2011 (from Facebook)

"Thanks, Jean. Always good to have your helpful hints! Awesome!" - Colleen, February 2011 (from Facebook)


"In his book, Man's Search for Meaning, Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankel provides a first-hand account of what it takes, mentally, to survive dire circumstances: memory, hope, and purpose. Now, turn the clock back some 85 years or so, and consider those held in prisoner of war camps during the American Civil War and the messages of the music influenced by that war. Continuing her series of Civil War songs for 2011, Jean Hibben explores the history of, 'Tramp, Tramp, Tramp,' another song of the period written from the soldier's point of view. Originally written for North, the song was also adapted for the South. So many soldiers on both sides suffered -- and died -- as prisoners, the song, brings home to us, their descendants and countrymen, something of the experience and the mental fortitude of those held as prisoners." - Illya, GenealogyToday Editor

MY ANCESTOR HAS NO STONE . . . NOW WHAT? (Family Chronicle, January/February 2011)

“Just read your article in Family Chronicle with enthusiasm. . . enjoyed [it] very much.” – Dennis, 16 February 2011 (from Facebook)

"Jean, I just got my issue of Family Chronicle. I really enjoyed your article on quest to mark the grave of your Civil War ancestor." - Christine, 23 January 2011 (from Facebook)

FRITZ MUELLER: CHAMPION OR CHARLATAN? (APG Quarterly, publication of the Association of Professional Genealogists, June 2010)

". . . praise [of your article is] well earned.  Your dedication and hard work are very evident in your article.  You set the standard high for presenting case studies.  Reviewing your . . . case studies are excellent examples to teach, encourage, and lead myself and others to document our own case studies. Thank you for sharing your journey." -
Ruth (from Facebook)

"It's a great article!  You are fabulous! :)" -
Gena (from Facebook)

"I love this, Jean. Thank you!" - Ann (from Facebook)

"Hey! Looks really good!" - Alice

WHO ARE THE GENEALOGISTS? (Crossroads, publication of the Utah Genealogical Assoc., March 2010)

"Interesting findings . . . good work." - Barbara

DOING GENEALOGY RESEARCH WITH A LEARNING DISABILITY (Newsletter for World Vital Records, December 2009)

"I want to thank you for the article . . . on the subject of doing genealogy research with a learning disability. . . . The hints you offer on ways of doing genealogy research are going to be printed out and put up everywhere so I can see then.  I wish I could have had coping mechanisims such as these years ago.  You have made me feel less like a failure.  Thank you so much for your article." - MS

"I saw your article on World Vital Records!  Good job!!" - Alice

IS IT TIME TO SPIN YOUR WEB . . . SITE THAT IS? (SPEAK!, newsletter of the Genealogical Speakers Guild, November 2009)

"I enjoyed reading your article in the November issue of Speak.   Thanks for the practical tips." - Jay, Minnesota


"I very much like your writing." - Betsy, March 2010

I read it and enjoyed it very much.  I am very honored  that you included the story of my Uncle Yankel in your paper." - Shelley, December 2009

"Wonderful!" - Nancy, OCCGS, August 2009


"I read the related article [to 'Clue to Clue'] in NGSQ, and I hope you'll consider me a fan of your work!" - Madaleine

"I just finished 'Investigating Irene' in NGS[Q] and wanted to tell you that it was excellent reading.  And an excellent example of scholarship for those of us who hope to get certified one day. . . Fascinating stuff!" - Mara

"Read your article and enjoyed it very much." - Norma

"I loved your NGSQ article and the presentation you gave at SCGS [on the same subject]. I was happy to see it in print. Nice job!" - Amy


"Your article in the Crossroads was great! Some very good points!!" - Alice

"Thank you very much for your submission.  It is exactly the type of article we are looking for . . . Both the UGA Crossroads Committee and the UGA Board of Directors are very excited to publish your piece." - Christy, UGA CROSSROADS, April 2009


"Many thanks . . . I really enjoyed the article on the Presentation Worksheet; it has given me several ideas." - Ann, Genealogical Speakers Guild, February 2009

"Loved your article . . . thanks" - Susan, Genealogical Speakers Guild, February 2009 


"I appreciate your contributions -- your articles are great, very entertaining and informative. A refreshing change of pace." - Betty, GenWeekly, August 2009

"I was thumbing through the 'Searcher' [and] . . .  I came across a really interesting/amusing article - written by YOU! . . . Good job!" --Alice, "Games over Generations," January 2009


"Thank you for your devotion and leadership in furthering the good cause of family history among people everywhere." - Paul, 19 June 2012

Description in email to others:
"Jean Hibben, PhD, MA, CG = genealogist, folklorist, national speaker, troubadour, education, etc. From my very enjoyable experiences last year at Jamboree, there are certainly many other titles, descriptions and competencies that should follow her name . . ." -
Duane, FamilySearch.org, 21 May 2012

"Thanks, Jean, for all you do for GSG [Genealogical Speakers Guild] and genealogy as a whole." -
Billie Fogarty, GSG President, 8 February 2012

"I'd like to thank you for your able guidance of the Society, as well as your flawless and entertaining presentation style. It's always a pleasure to listen to you." -
Anne, Corona Genealogical Society, October 2011

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". . . we thank you for your contributions to our society & most of all for your great guidance." - Carolyn, Corona Genealogical Society, August 2011

"You do such good work for SCCAPG [Southern Calif. Chapter of the Assoc. of Professional Genealogists]." -
Paula, July 2011

"You are a definite role model." - Elaine, Corona Genealogical Society, 28 June 2011

“As president of our local chapter [of SCCAPG] [Jean] has done a fabulous job in helping all our members become better and more professional genealogists. She is always promoting APG and does it with professionalism and class. She is an asset to the genealogical world that must not be overlooked.” Hal, 28 June 2011

“We fellow board members really do appreciate your very capable leadership of our society. Thanks so much for holding it all together for us. It’s very rewarding to be associated with such a fine group of people with a common interest in our ancestors’ lives.” – Ed, Corona Genealogical Society, June 2011 

"I want to thank you for all the time you put into our meeting[s] . . . the crafts and timeline, your songs, the station you were in charge of and cleanup for the 2011 Kids' Family History Camp. It was a joy to watch you and your enthusiasm in what you do.  . . . Thank you for all you do to promote genealogy." - Charlotte, SCGS Jamboree Kids' Family History Camp, June 2011

"Thanks so much for volunteering at Kids' Camp. I . . . wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help. According to the feedback that I received, the kids had a great time . . ." - Julie, NGS, Charleston, SC, May 2011

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”I just wanted to thank you once again for helping the last two weeks at the National Records Archives. You have no idea what a great help you were and I hope to work with you in the future.” -  Linda, August 2011

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